Waterfall (One)

Waterfall (one)
© Bernita Gorenflo

Story of Waterfall (One)

On a nice day, in the hill country of Texas, at my Studio Blue. I wanted to paint outside. Was in the mood to paint a large painting with a blue waterfall. So I changed clothes, knew I would get messy from head to toe, set up on my deck, and started painting. First, the waterfall, then the rock. There was no sketch, creating as I go. A large brush was used. Also, a small volcano in the upper right corner was created. You see water spattered and hitting the rocks. A God’s creation indeed. There was blue paint in my hair, paint up and down my arms, on my clothes, and on my feet! I sometimes really get into my paintings!

When all finished, I was pleased. I saw a couple of things I would have changed had I put a little more control in the painting but who cares! There was a creation taking place! To God be the Glory, for my gift. The original is sold. Giclee’s are available on canvas and watercolor paper.

  • Original SOLD
  • Limited Edition Prints, Available on Watercolor Paper or Canvas
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