Stands Alone

Stands Alone
© Bernita Gorenflo

Story of the Buffalo

I started painting this white buffalo in February 2008. I first had to work out the sketch from a couple of photos. It was difficult to get what I was trying to convey. Power and strength, with a calmness in his eye.

Then the painting started. I could not paint him. Over and over I tried. I had five paintings over several weeks and could not achieve what I was after! So, I again re-sketched, worked out a new combination of colors and then prayed! I said, "Help me Lord, we can do this."

I was moving quickly and focused, I felt good, things were happening with this painting, it was Spirit led, I knew I had it! Other paintings evolved within the painting. Truly a God inspired painting! I was amazed when I stepped back and looked! I did it! Just what I wanted and more! Thank you Jesus, thank you!

In this painting, you will find a Thunderbird Dancer, arrowheads, an owl face, an eagle head and wings, an indian face, a howling wolf, and a hawk head. A spiritual painting indeed and so sacred to Native Americans meaning strength, a new beginning, rebirth, endurance to overcome, great emotional courage and provider of all. White Buffalo!

  • Featured in March 2012 "Cowboys & Indians" Magazine Ad
  • Stands Alone Debuts in July 2011 "Cowboys & Indians" Magazine
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