Stampede on Cancer
© Bernita Gorenflo

Story of Stampede

This painting was painted on raw emotions. No pencil sketch, no plans or ideas of what to paint. I stood up at my desk in Studio Blue and said - "Lord help me to just paint!"

I was at a time in my life where I was helping care for my signifigant other who had cancer, running a business, and caring for children, grandchildren, and our dog. A burdened soul I was. I needed a break and a distraction. So I said - "Lord help me to paint!"

First the color black was put down, an open gate. Then horse by horse, a running stampede formed. I think running from life, running away from stress, and running from cancer. My emotions painted 'Stampede'.

My significant other lost his courageous battle with cancer, and with my grief, I was unable to create or paint anything for two years. I would walk in my studio and walk right back out thinking I was finished and should get rid of all of the paints and supplies.

But with prayers from family and friends, healing came, and my Daughter-in-Law reminded me - "he did not build your Studio Blue for you not to paint!" I once again picked up a paint brush and slowly began to paint again. She had told me exactly what I needed to hear!