Grandma Susie's Store

Susie's Store
© Bernita Gorenflo

Story of Grandma Susie's Store

My Father’s Mother, Susie Lewis, owned a little gas station; with a small store inside and Grandmother lived in the back of the store.

Such memories, I have of this! It was in the Fifties and Sixties, when gas was called Regular and Ethol, sold for twenty-one cents a gallon! Can you even imagine!

She had a screen door on the front, with a bell. Inside was a large glass candy counter. She had Hostess cupcakes and Wonder Bread. She had a red Coke chest, where she kept milk, cokes and bologna roll wrapped in red plastic, that you had to cut with a knife, and you wrapped in a brown paper. (My Daddy’s favorite!)

A tree that grew strange ‘cigar’ shaped somethings? An open and closed sign, that flipped over. And it seemed always a stray cat or dog running around. She was so cute, with her long grey hair, tied back in a bun, glasses on her nose and a house dress on. She loved Harry Truman, and Jesus! She had a large family and I bet she lost count of her Grandchildren and Great-Grandchildren! OH! The good old days!

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