The Deep Blue Sea

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Story of The Deep Blue Sea

I went on my first cruise. Having a balcony room, I spent many hours, sitting outside and gazing at the Sea. With deep meditation, and enchantment, of the beauty of nature and the different shades of blues. Watching the dolphins, jumping and swimming below and above the surface, watching the waves bounce in different directions, I said, I must paint this! So, once again full of images in my mind only, I set off to the studio, to try to capture, 'The Sea'.

Could I easily paint this wonder, No. I had to paint it over and over again. I painted outside, to be free flowing, with the layers of blue, and tried different papers. As I painted, The Lord once again took control, and more evolved with this magical painting, and God put his creatures of the Sea, under the surface of the water.

These different fish cannot even be seen on the website. You must stare at the painting, then you will see, sharks, dolphins and, many fish swimming under the surface. The prints are stunning, but the full range and depth of blues in the original was difficult to capture. This may truly be, a one and only original.

  • Original Available Framed in Larson Juhl Frame With UV Glass
  • Contact Bernita for Pricing