Tiffany's Chickens

Tiffany's Chickens
© Bernita Gorenflo

Story of Tiffany's Chickens

My Nephew and his wife Tiffany and their two sons had a yard of, egg laying, chickens. All named Popcorn, Henrietta's, and Spot! They roosted in their tree, walked up the deck stairs, and were quite the pets!

Visiting one day, I took many photos of the delightful creatures. And was excited to paint their fun colors in my new found acrylics on canvas.

Never painting chickens, I found they were not easy to paint, again with acylic, much detail! I think I will go back to watercolors!

  • Featured in August 2018 "Southwest Art Magazine"
  • Acrylic on Canvas, 30" x 24"
  • Gallery Wrapped
  • Prints available
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